KENDAMIL Cauliflower Broccoli and Tomato Bake - IMAMOM
KENDAMIL Cauliflower Broccoli and Tomato Bake - IMAMOM

Kendamil Porridges

Rs. 740.00

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Color: Berry Porridge

Banana & Plum Porridge Organic
Creamy Porridge
Apple & Blackcurrant Porridge
Banana Porridge
Berry Porridge

Kendamil Porridges are a nutritious blend of 100% organic ingredients and vitamins, providing essential nourishment for growing babies. The porridges contain no added sugar, preservatives, or other artificial ingredients, so they can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet.

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Banana & Plum Porridge Organic, Creamy Porridge, Apple & Blackcurrant Porridge, Banana Porridge, Berry Porridge