What is Baby Lounge?

Baby Lounge is a one-stop for parents, specifically tailored to meet their demands for food and hygienic spaces for their precious little ones, especially when they are out. The space primarily comprises facilities such as Baby Cafe, Breastfeeding Lounge and Diaper Stations. We have a blend of amenities and products to reflect the needs of the surrounding community.

The objective is to help parents to make every outing a great opportunity to interact with their children, and help them to develop their emotional, physical, and intellectual skills.

Our Services

Baby Cafe

A place for your little ones to explore savory and nutritious treats ranging from purees to finger foods.

Breastfeeding Lounge

A lounge, to meet the needs of breastfeeding moms. Can relax and feed at ease to calm the hungry little tummies.

Diaper Stations

Safe, hygienic and comfortable diaper stations equipped with premium diaper essentials and sanitized disposal options.