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Kendamil Porridges

Kendamil Porridges

Rs. 740.00 From Rs. 370.00
Kendamil Porridges are a nutritious blend of 100% organic ingredients and vitamins, providing essential nourishment for growing babies. The porridges contain no added sugar, preservatives, or other artificial ingredients, so...
KENDAMIL Organic Toddler Milk - IMAMOM

Kendamil Organic Toddler Milk

Rs. 4,499.00
MADE WITH LOVE IN THE LAKE DISTRICT From 12 to 36 months 800g Completely organic Full cream milk No palm oil Vegetarian   KENDAMIL Organic Toddler Milk is specifically formulated...
KENDAMIL First Infant Milk - IMAMOM

Kendamil First Infant Milk

Rs. 3,999.00
MADE WITH LOVE IN THE LAKE DISTRICT From birth Made with whole milk fats Breastmilk substitute 900g    Kendamil is family-run and lovingly crafted in the English Lake District, a...