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Gerber Cereal for Baby/Toddler

Gerber Cereal for Baby/Toddler

Rs. 780.00
GERBER CEREAL FOR BABY & TODDLER Easy to digest pre-cooked multigrain based baby cereal Includes Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, E, D & B, Zinc & more Comes with tiny diced...
GERBER Li'l Crunchies - IMAMOM
Mild Cheddar

Gerber Lil' Crunchies

Rs. 590.00
SPECIALLY DESIGNED! Perfectly sized pieces, easy to pick up and help develop baby's pincer grasp for self-feeding. Baby-Led friendly snacks can encourage your little one's independence while exploring new textures...
Heinz Puree with Strawberry, Banana, Raspberry & Apple - 6+months, 100gms

Heinz Puree with Strawberry, Banana, Raspberry & Apple - 6+months, 100gms

Rs. 340.00
GENTLY MADE TO LOCK IN TASTE! Simply made with love and nothing else added, HEINZ selects the tastiest ingredients from nature for your little one! 100% natural ingredients + vitamin...
HEINZ by Nature - Ready to Eat Desserts - IMAMOM

Heinz By Nature - Ready to Eat Desserts

Rs. 280.00
HEINZ Farley's Rusks Original - IMAMOM
Farley's Rusk

Heinz Farley's Rusks Original

From Rs. 460.00
Easy to digest healthy & tasty Rusks for baby Includes Wheat Flour, Calcium, Vitamin A & D, Iron & more Contains essential vitamins & minerals for healthy baby growth Perfectly...
Kendamil Porridges

Kendamil Porridges

Rs. 740.00 From Rs. 370.00
Kendamil Porridges are a nutritious blend of 100% organic ingredients and vitamins, providing essential nourishment for growing babies. The porridges contain no added sugar, preservatives, or other artificial ingredients, so...
Heinz First Steps

Heinz First Steps

Rs. 740.00
Rise and Shine to easy peasy breakfast times. With more texture, 12 key vitamins and minerals, this porridge is tailored to your 6+ or 7+ months baby! HEINZ FIRST STEPS...

Gerber Puffs

Rs. 590.00
MELTS QUICKLY! A First Finger Food that is melt-in-their-mouth good. Flavors Vanilla Banana Sweet Potato Peach    Perfectly sized pieces, easy to pick up, and help develop baby's pincer grasp...
Gerber Animal Crackers, Snacks for Toddler, 12+ Months, Cinnamon Graham, 6 oz (170 g)

Gerber Animal Crackers, Snacks for Toddler, 12+ Months, Cinnamon Graham, 6 oz (170 g)

Rs. 556.00
Looking for a tasty and nutritious snack for your little one? Check out Gerber Animal Crackers Cinnamon Graham! Made from high-quality ingredients, these crackers are not only delicious but also...
GERBER Teether Wafers - IMAMOM

Gerber Teether Wafers

Rs. 770.00
Gerber Teether Wafers are made with real fruits, juice, and veggies for a delicious taste your baby will love. Their easy-to-grip design lets your baby explore self-feeding and helps soothe...
GERBER Teether Wheels - IMAMOM

Gerber Teether Wheels

Rs. 590.00
A PERFECT TEETHING SNACK! Is your little one a Muncher? Gerber® Teether Wheels soothe teething gums with a baked hard texture, satisfy with a crunchy bite and are just right...
GERBER Arrowroot Biscuits - IMAMOM

Gerber Arrowroot Biscuits

Rs. 620.00
Looking for a healthy and delicious snack for your little crawler? Look no further than Arrowroot Cookies! Our cookies are specially designed for crawlers aged 10 months and up, with...
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