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Heinz First Steps

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Style: Multigrain with Carrot Sweetcorn & Cheese

Multigrain with Carrot Sweetcorn & Cheese
Multigrain with Cauliflower Broccoli & Cheese
Creamy Oat & Apple Porridge
Peachy Porridge
Creamy Fruit & Yogurt Porridge
Blueberry Porridge
Baby Rice with Garden Veg
Creamy Banana Porridge
baby porridge ( 6+ month)

Rise and Shine to easy peasy breakfast times. With more texture, 12 key vitamins and minerals, this porridge is tailored to your 6+ or 7+ months baby!

HEINZ FIRST STEPS - 8 yummy servings

▫ Just add water

▫ No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

▫ Gluten free

▫ Little lumps



Mixed cereal, pumpkin, carrot, sweetcorn, cheese and milk with added vitamins & minerals

ingredients: Vegetables (Pumpkin, Sweetcorn), Flours (59%, Rice, Maize, Millet), Maltodextrin, Sustainable Palm Oil, Cheese (5%, contains Milk), Skimmed Milk Powder, Milk Protein, Flavorings (contain Niacin, Vitamin E, Iron, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12

May contain soybean.

Prepared with 83g vegetables per 100g dry cereal, Including 43g  pumpkin, 23g carrot, 17g sweetcorn. Suitable for vegetarians. 


easy prep: Add approx. 90ml/60ml of boiled water to 30g/20g of cereal in a bowl and stir. Allow to stand for approx. 2 minutes. Check the temperature before serving. This is a guide, you can prepare Heinz cereals to the texture and quantity your baby loves.

tip: For every level spoonful of cereal add 3 spoonfuls of boiled water and stir.

storage: Store in a cool dry place away from odors. Use within 6 weeks of opening. Contents are liable to settle after packing. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

 Best before : 27 Dec 2023

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Multigrain with Carrot Sweetcorn & Cheese, Multigrain with Cauliflower Broccoli & Cheese, Creamy Oat & Apple Porridge, Peachy Porridge, Creamy Fruit & Yogurt Porridge, Blueberry Porridge, Baby Rice with Garden Veg, Creamy Banana Porridge, baby porridge ( 6+ month)