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Raw Banana Powder

Raw Banana Powder

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      Introducing Imamom's very own Raw Banana Powder, the perfect addition to your little one's diet! Made with 100% natural ingredients and absolutely no preservatives, our Raw Banana Powder is made from the finest raw bananas in Kerala.

      This versatile powder can be used to make delicious and healthy porridge for babies. Simply add water or milk and let the goodness of the bananas work their magic. Our Raw Banana Powder is the perfect choice for parents who want to ensure that their little ones are getting all the nutrients they need, without any harmful additives or chemicals.

      Moreover our Raw Banana Powder can be used in a variety of ways! It can be added to smoothies or baked goods, or even used as a thickener in soups and stews. The possibilities are endless!

      Imamom believes in the power of natural and wholesome foods. Thus, the Powder is made with finest ingredients, sourced from local farmers who share their commitment to quality and sustainability.

       So why wait? Try Imamom's Raw Banana Powder today and give your little one the gift of wholesome, nutritious food!
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