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Sprouted Ragi Powder

Sprouted Ragi Powder

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You can't find a cereal whose Calcium content is close to Sprouted Ragi's nutrition!

      Ragi is considered a 'superfood' as it has almost 10 times higher Calcium content than other grains. It is also considered as one of the main first foods for babies from 6 months onwards. Turning regular Ragi grains into Sprouted Ragi where you can find some pretty intriguing nutritional benefits of Calcium, Protein, Iron, Fiber, and so on. Imamom Sprouted Ragi powder is completely organic and has all the nutritional benefits which a baby needs.

  • 100% organic
  • No preservatives, added colors or aritificial colors
  • No added salt or sugar 
  • 10* richer in Calcium than wheat or rice
  • Increases Iron content by almost 10 times
  • The Protein content increases two folds which helps the baby to be stronger, adds weight and prevents fatigue
  • Good for bone development
  • Easy to digest
  • Increased levels of anti-oxidants etc.
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